How to reduce stress

3 Ways To Reduce Stress By Strategic Thinking

Did you know that chronic stress can have negative health consequences like heart disease, cancer, and obesity? One way to change the consequences is strategic thinking.

Do you think strategically? After your first impulsive thought, can you calm down and weigh the pros and cons of your thoughts before taking any action? One way to increase the ability to think less negatively or impulsively is to learn to take responsibility for your thoughts.

While it’s easy to blame others for your fear and anxiety, deep down you know that no one can tell you what to think or control how you react to your thoughts. As you begin to take greater responsibility for your thoughts, your tendency to blame or emphasize others when things are not going according to plan. bait

How can you do that?

Don’t be overwhelmed by negative thoughts.

You can learn to act as a gatekeeper to the stream of subconscious thoughts that flows into your conscious experience. Some of these thoughts may be based on negative outcomes, doubts about your ability to succeed, or fears and anxieties. These thoughts can stress you out if you are unable to see a concrete reality with which you can control or influence it.

Avoid Negative People

Another way you can develop more health-protective strategic thinking is to avoid negative people. Negative people can ruin your best plans with their doubts and negative projections of outcomes … They can ignite a fire of uncertainty and fear and rob you of your self-confidence. Avoid them,

Plan your way out

A third way to develop strategic thinking and reduce stress and improve your health is to start a stress relief magazine or creative magazine. This will help you see which thoughts and actions have helped you the most and which have not helped you at all. You will see what went wrong for you and make it easier to improve.

It will also help you focus more on achieving positive results. The habit of keeping a consistent creative diary will help you learn to stop thinking the worst in any situation and reduce your levels of anxiety and stress by being practical about possible outcomes.

If you accept the reality that you can strategically manage your thoughts, you will be better prepared to deal with stress and minimize negative health effects such as hypertension, heart attack, obesity, and cancer.

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